Preventing Bullying and Harassment

The Antioch Center for School Renewal offers a variety of coaching options for schools interested in learning more about ways to prevent bullying and harassment, and in building more powerful learning communities. ACSR runs film-based workshops exploring what bullying and harassment can look like in a number of settings, and courses focusing on understanding what causes bullying. Learn to identify bullying “hotspots” and develop strategies to alleviate them. Each program can run on varying schedules ranging from a day to a week, depending on your goals for the work.

ACSR’s coaches are experienced in K-12 settings both as coaches and as presenters. They are very interactive, combining presentation and activities to apply new learning to individual contexts. Their agendas are customized based on the specific goals and needs of the school and the suggestions made by the contact person in the district or building.

Scheduling is variable based on your needs, though we discourage single-day presentations, which are unlikely to effect any meaningful change. Costs vary from $800 to $1,200 per day. All ACSR courses are available for graduate credit in conjunction with any of our trainings for an additional $300 per participant.

For more information, please contact Laura Thomas at 603-283-2302 or