Online Learning at Antioch University New England

Online discussion and document sharing have long been integral parts of most courses at Antioch University New England. With the phased-in implementation of Sakai, a cutting-edge learning management system, we will be able to offer fully online courses and more robust online components in our face-to-face classes. AUNE continues to find new ways to blend the flexibility of distance learning with the undeniable value of face-to-face classroom interaction in order to deliver graduate degree programs that allow students to keep their jobs.

Online course components can vary from simple posting of assignments to requiring that each student participate in a forum devoted to a particular reading or topic. Written posts permit a level of discourse that can be more nuanced than might be possible in classroom discussion, but remain more informal than a writing assignment.

Additionally, as the technology changes, so do the ways that faculty take advantage of that change. Whether it’s a guest lecturer using Skype to interact remotely with a group of students, or faculty posting audio or video of lectures online, Antioch University New England is adapting to this ever-changing technological landscape. And, with an on-site audio and video editing facility, students and faculty alike will be able to produce content to share with the wider academic community.