AUNE Graduate School

Transformative Graduate School Programs for Students Who Want to Make a Difference in the World

Serving approximately 1,000 students, AUNE is a graduate school whose academics are closely linked to the region, with national and global connections through our students, alumni, and institutional concerns.

Since its founding in 1964, AUNE has a history of high academic standards, integration of work and study, commitment to bypassed populations, and learner responsibility. These attributes are intertwined with the New England traditions of self-reliance, small-community values and private action for the public good.

Our graduate degree and certificate programs are designed with the adult learner and mature recent graduate in mind. These programs balance the academic with the experiential, and action with reflection. Our flexible and affordable programs provide the training needed for graduating students to excel in their chosen careers.

Students leaving AUNE, whether with a master’s degree, PhD, or a certificate, have been taught, through both course work and real-world experience, to look outside the box for answers to many of the issues facing the planet today. How do we create a world where sustainability and social justice are at the forefront of the discussion? What is “green” and how can we lead our selves, our children, our fellows, our organizations to a greener tomorrow?

We provide a transformative education by linking the worlds of scholarship and activism and by fostering the process of lifelong learning.

Below is a listing of our programs, concentrations, and certificates we offer:

Applied Psychology

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate
Marriage and Family Therapy Certificate
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)
Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling (MA)
Marriage and Family Therapy (MA)
Marriage and Family Therapy (PhD)

Environmental Studies (MS)

with concentrations in
Conservation Biology
Advocacy for Social Justice and Sustainability
Environmental Education
Science Teacher Certification
Self-Designed Studies
Sustainable Development and Climate Change
Resource Management & Conservation (MS)
Environmental Studies (PhD)


Elementary, Early Childhood, or Special Education Teacher Certificate (MEd)
Waldorf Teacher Education (MEd)
Experienced Educators (MEd)

Clinical Psychology

PsyD in Clinical Psychology


MBA in Sustainability
Sustainable Business Certificate

graduate school

Antioch University STATEMENT of COMMITMENT, Inclusion and Diversity
In recognition of our mission, vision, and core values, Antioch University governors, trustees, faculty, staff, students, and alumni pledge to engage in ongoing development as an inclusive learning community. Our goal is justice and empowerment for all. To this end, we respond to the spectrum of human diversity so that no one is marginalized. Firmly rooted in our longstanding tradition of challenging inequities and promoting social change, we are committed to continued growth as an international university that addresses the complexities of the diverse regions we serve. To move beyond tolerance toward inclusion, affirmation and the celebration of our differences, we embrace challenges and recognize that the responsibility for this rests with each member of the community and with the university as an educational institution. We commit to creating and maintaining a learning environment free from discrimination, and we encourage and support those who identify and speak out against discrimination in pursuit of social justice. We demonstrate our commitment to the celebration of difference through self-examination, respectful interactions, and through formal and informal policies and practices that give life to these ideals within Antioch University and the world around us.