Academic Computer/Technology Requirement

Students in all Antioch University New England programs are required to have regular computer and Internet access available on a daily basis. Students are also required to regularly use their Antioch-issued email account.

Our intent is to provide student services including, but not limited to: expanded access to academic resources and services provided by the Antioch University New England library; technological applications related to the delivery of courses and content via learning management software (Sakai); enhanced and more convenient communication with faculty and staff around academic and enrollment matters; and a significantly enhanced sense of a learning community through communication opportunities between class meetings. And finally, we envision a substantial reduction in the amount of paper used to conduct business.

Should you need to purchase a computer to meet this requirement, and you have a financial aid package, the cost may be covered through financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at 603-283-2490 for further information.

Please refer to the Minimum Computer Requirements listed below for details of specific hardware and software configuration requirements.

Antioch University New England Minimum Computer Requirements

Below are computing requirements for all students. Individual departments and programs may require additional software (e.g., NVIVO, SPSS). Check with your department for other requirements or recommendations they may have specific to your degree.

Internet Connectivity

All students must have a consistent and reliable Internet connection. Most courses, even those that meet face-to-face, take advantage of our online course management system, and the Antioch community uses several online technologies to communicate and collaborate. We strongly recommend a high-speed Internet connection (e.g., cable, DSL, or wireless). Using slower dial-up or satellite connections will greatly increase the amount of time spent on accomplishing your online educational activities.

Computer Hardware / Operating System

Antioch University (AU) strongly recommends laptop computers to allow for mobility and flexibility in completing your academic work both on and off campus.

Mac or Windows PC with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM; 2 GB preferred.

  • PC – Windows XP or higher
  • Mac – OS 10.4 or higher

Older operating systems and computers with less memory (RAM) and processing power may function but may not meet your courses’ requirements.

Office Productivity Software

Your computer software should include a word processing program that saves and opens text files and that saves in multiple file formats. A good choice is a current office suite package such as Microsoft Office that includes word processing, presentation, spreadsheet, and other useful software. Some new computer purchases have this software already installed. NOTE: Microsoft Office suites are currently used at most Antioch University (AU) campuses. Some options are listed below.

Anti-Virus/Computer Protection

AU urges that you take steps to prevent viruses and other malware from infecting your educational home computing environment. Here are some programs that our IT staff recommends:

Anti-Virus Protection

Malware/Spyware Protection

Internet Browsers

Most of AU’s technologies are accessed through a web browser, so having a supported browser on your home computing system is critical. Antioch supports the following browsers:


  • Firefox 2 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher


  • Firefox 2 or higher
  • (Safari is not supported with Antioch Sakai)

Browser Plugins / Players

AU also recommends several freely-available adjunct programs that will be helpful in using the Internet for academic work. Some free software and applications you may want to install include: