AUNE and the World: No Boundaries for Change

Through its projects, faculty, alumni, and students, Antioch University New England demonstrates that an educational institution needs to look beyond its own geographic boundaries to provide a world of opportunities for students who can give something important back to their world.

Social justice and sustainability are not only local issues, but global issues which are addressed by Antioch University New England programs. We encourage our students to venture out and discover not only how they can effect change, but also where they are needed to do so. Many Antioch University New England graduates realize that their skills are needed in other countries to educate others, particularly in underserved populations. They return home, empowered by an Antioch University New England education and new, global perspectives.

Professor Susan HawesFaculty are busy in other parts of the world: professor Beth Kaplin is developing a master’s degree program in conservation biology at the National University of Rwanda where local scientists are needed to protect one of Africa’s most important ecosystems; professor Susan Loman is one of several faculty presenting internally on the Kestenberg Movement Profile; faculty emerita Heidi Watts coordinates an exchange program between Antioch University New England and Auroville, an international utopian community in southeast India which has been extraordinarily successful in environmental restoration and sustainable living; and Antioch New England Institute faculty and staff have developed resources and training materials to establish community foundations in each of the Baltic countries.

Antioch Education Abroad (AEA)

Antioch Education Abroad serves Antioch University students and other qualified students from over 140 institutions nationally. In 2012, one-third of all students participating in the Antioch Education Abroad programs came from the top 25 colleges or universities in the U.S., as ranked by U.S. News and World Report. While AEA is geared toward undergrad students, Antioch University graduate students can participate if approved. Here are the details:

  • Graduate student participation, and the ability to receive credits through independent study, is approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Speak with Luisa Bieri Rios at AEA to begin the advising process. Please request detailed AEA program information and syllabi.
  • Meet with your AUNE academic adviser to discuss how a combination of AEA coursework and independent study may fit into your degree plan.

For more information contact:

Luisa Bieri Rios
Assistant Director
Antioch Education Abroad, Antioch University
900 Dayton St. Yellow Springs, OH 45387