AUNE Faculty Senate


AUNE’s statement of values also embraces the operating principle of creating organizational integrity through shared governance. The AUNE Faculty Senate (Senate) is one means to accomplish this objective. Towards this end, the Senate strives to become a collaborative learning community working to achieve a shared, deep purpose; to develop webs of meaningful, skillful relationships with all university constituencies; to sustain a vibrant academic community and a collaborative organizational culture; and, finally, to enable effective decisions and actions on our campus and at the wider university level. The Senate’s work is grounded in an abiding belief and deep trust in one another, respectful communication and appreciation across institutional roles, and trustworthiness in actions. The Senate further seeks to embody and enact these values of active organizational citizenship so as to inspire and propagate them among students, colleagues, professions, communities, and the world at large. (Faculty Senate Bylaws)

Faculty Senators Elected for 2014-2015 Academic Year

Faculty Representatives who report to Faculty via Faculty Senate