Antioch University New England Announces Spring Speaker Series Line-up

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January 30, 2009 for Immediate Release

Antioch University New England Announces Spring Speaker Series Line-up

Teacher of the Year & more award-winning alumni educators, faculty, fellow researchers to present

Keene, NH – Antioch University New England cordially invites the public to attend its spring speaker series events starting on March 5. This year’s spring line-up includes interdisciplinary panels, faculty members, and honored guests discussing AUNE’s sustainability efforts, U.S. foreign policy, teaching in today’s schools, and the emotional impact of global warming. The discussions are free and open to the public. We invite you to attend.

All speaker series events are held in the Antioch University New England Community Room, at 40 Avon Street, Keene, New Hampshire.

Event descriptions, dates, and locations include:

Walking Our Talk: AUNE’s Sustainability and Social Justice Challenges and Successes

Abigail Abrash Walton, MS, Assistant to the President for Sustainability and Social Justice; Faculty, Department of Environmental Studies

Thursday, March 5, Antioch University New England Community Room, 7 PM
Today’s climate challenges us and the institutions we work with to adopt greater sustainability and social justice practices. Hear how AUNE has tackled the tensions, obstacles, and openings that result from this type of change through designing and conducting a comprehensive ‘whole systems’ audit of the institution’s social justice and sustainability practices and policies (curricula, policies, procurement and business relationships, social and environmental performance, and community relations). Discuss strategies that AUNE and other institutions can employ to maintain momentum and move from recommendations to implementation.

The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy: New Administration, New Direction?

Philip Suter, MBA, Faculty, Department of Organization & Management, Executive Director, World Affairs Council of New Hampshire; and William C. Martel, PhD, Associate Professor of International Security Studies, Tufts University

Saturday, March 28, Antioch University New England Community Room, 7 pm
What can individuals and businesses expect regarding international affairs as the new administration heads into its third month? AUNE’s Philip Suter will join Dr. William Martel to discuss U.S. foreign policy and the challenges that the Obama administration is facing. A Q&A discussion will follow their remarks. The World Affairs Council of New Hampshire (WACNH) is the only non-profit, non-partisan organization in New Hampshire devoted solely to fostering learning, discussion, and citizen involvement in world affairs.

Teaching and Learning in Today’s Schools:
Four Award-Winning Alumni Educators Share Their Views and Their Work

Thursday, April 2, Antioch University New England Community Room, 7 pm
Join esteemed Department of Education alumni Diana Leddy (’09 Vermont Teacher of the Year), Erin Hunter (’06 Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Trade & Industrial Division Outstanding Teacher), Deb Crowder (’06 New Hampshire Art Educators’ Association Art Educator of the Year), and Phil Grant (’07 Governor’s Heritage Award recipient) for a thought-filled evening. The panelists will share their goals and innovative teaching practices, explore the joys and rewards of teaching, and discuss the challenges of working in schools influenced by No Child Left Behind. Faculty from AUNE’s Department of Education will join Diana, Erin, Deb, and Phil in this wide-ranging, round-table discussion.

Climate Change and Human Change, Making the Connection

Tuesday, April 14, Antioch University New England Community Room, 7 pm
For the tenth anniversary of the John Knight Colloquium four panelists who are passionate about psychology, spirituality, and the world we live in, will explore the personal side of climate change and how what we think and feel impacts us and our ability to live fully. By reflecting on their own experiences and inviting others to share their perspectives, AUNE faculty members Diane Kurinsky, EdD and Fred Taylor, PhD; Paul Cameron, MS, Executive Director of Brattleboro Climate Protection; and AUNE master’s candidate Jessica Zane, will spark some dynamic
dialogue about where we are now and how we can move forward in the face of climate change.

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